3rd Party Software

A useful resource of Third Party Software for RF Wireless Design


TXline.jpgTransmission Line Calculator (TXline)

TXline by Applied Wave Research Inc. is an easy-to-use, Windows-based, interactive transmission line calculator for the analysis and synthesis of transmission line structures.

TXline supports:

* Microstrip, Stripline & Slotline
* Coplanar Waveguide & Coax

MLCCspice.jpgYageo Phycomp MLCC Spice

Spice simulations for various surface mount ceramic capacitor packages from 0201 to 1812 from www.yageo.com. Libraries contain all package parasitics: ESR, ESL. Zip file includes necessary Vbasic runtime library. 4061 Kbytes.


GCPrevue.jpgGraphicode's GCPrevue

Excellent free Gerber viewer. Click the link to get to the GCPrevue website and then follow their instructions for your free download of GCPrevue.


PCB-coils.jpgPCB Printed Coil Calculator

Build your own inductors for free as spiral traces built in to your PCBs. This excellent Javascript calculator gives you the inductance (kindly provided by Stanford Microwave Integrated Circuits Laboratory).

Tim's notes: [1] For 'turns width' enter your track width. [2] There is no calculation for a true circular spiral, use the octagonal approximation. [3] If placing a spiral on one side of the PCB and a ground plane on the other de-rate the inductance by 20% (1.6mm FR4) or 25% (1.0mm FR4) – rough rule of thumb from my experience. [4] Add approximately 2 nH for the via link to get from the centre of the spiral back out to the outer edge (for n>=1).